Gridport ToolKit Quickstart Download


Here you will find the quickstart download which includes all the of the prerequisite software [excluding Java] needed to install GridPort including CFT and GPIR.

  • GridPort Quickstart Bundle (v 4.0.1) [md5]
  • GridPort Quickstart Bundle (v 4.0.1) [md5]

Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure you have an appropriate installation of Java 1.4.2_xx version for your architecture.
  2. Set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the root java installation directory.
  3. Untar or unzip the GridPort quickstart download.
  4. Change directories into the gridport-4-quickstart and run the install script by executing ./
  5. Once installation has been completed successfully open a browser and point to the GridPort portal at http://localhost:8080/gridsphere

To download an earlier version of the GridPort Toolkit, please browse the archive.