Customizing the Portal

The GridPort Demo Portal allows you to customize various aspects of the portal. These include the theme (look-and-feel), default guest and user layouts, and additional authentication modules (used for single-sign-on to the grid).


The theme specifies the look and feel of the portal. In order to modify the portal’s theme, please edit the css files in src/webapp/theme/gp-demo/css. For more details on GridSphere themes, please refer to the GridSphere documentation.


Default layouts for guest and authenticated users may be customized to suit the needs of your portal. These layout descriptors can be found in src/webapp/WEB-INF/CustomPortal/layouts. GuestUserLayout.xml and TemplateLayout.xml specify the layouts for an unauthenticated portal user and an authenticated portal user respectively. For information on editing these descriptors, please refer to the GridSphere documentation.

Portlet Configuration

The GridPort Demo Portal will by default deploy all the portlets included in the distribution. To specify which of these portlets to deploy, please edit the portlets.includeproperty in This property contains a comma-delimited list of portlets to install.


The configuration of each portlet is contained in its portlet.xml descriptor file. The GridPort Demo Portal maintains one source directory with each portlet’s descriptor. This configuration can be found in src/conf. The descriptors in this directory are named according to the names of the portlets in the portlets.include property (e.g. portlet.xml.comp-file-management). Please edit these descriptors to modify the configuration of individual portlets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Modifying a portlet’s portlet.xml file within the portlet’s codebase (portlets/my-portlet/src/webapp/WEB-INF/portlet.xml) WILL NOT have any effect. The portlet deployment goals deploy the src/conf/ descriptor into tomcat. If you edit the descriptor in the portlet’s codebase, you will need to manually copy this descriptor to tomcat (after running the portlet deployment goals).

Single Sign-on Authentication Modules

The GridPort Demo Portal deploys an authentication module in addition to GridSphere’s default password authentication module. The (demo) portal’s authentication modules can be configured to retrieve a proxy from the GridPort Repository or from configured myproxy servers on behalf of the user upon login to the portal. This proxy is stored by the portal and can be viewed using the Proxy Manager portlet. The authentication module and Proxy Manager portlet are part of the

For more detailed instructions on configuring the modules click here.

For documentation of the latest relese, please refer to the OGCE2 documentation. For more details on authentication modules in GridSphere, please refer to theGridSphere documentation.

Grid Certificates and Signing Policies

In order to utilize the grid portlets included in the GridPort Demo Portal, you must have grid certificates and signing policies of the CA that your grid utilizes. The build process (during the deploy goal) copies the certificates and signing policies of the TACC and DOE CAs from src/certs to your ~/.globus/certificates directory. To customize the portal to use your grid, please ensure your certificates and signing policies are available. You may place them in src/certs and attain the install-certsmaven goal.

Note: The ~/.globus/certificates directory will be checked before the other globus certificates directories, so if you already have certificates on your portal resource (for example, in /etc/grid-security/certificates), the existing certificates will not be found.